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First of all, communication

As I said in my last post, convergence is a one-way road for journalism and journalists. Learning how to have a transversal approach through different tools is one of the main challenges in relation to communicating efficiently.

However, before talk about tools and those choices I have made in order to find a personal strategy to improve my communication skills, I would like to think over the meaning of communication and information. Without clarification of these two concepts the convergence may become a cacophonous confusion.

During college, many of my teachers tried to convince me about the importance of information. “You have the responsibility to inform, delivering only the facts, showing the both sides, impartially”, they said. But only during my Masters degree I understood that they tried to make me believe in half-truths.

Etymologically, information came from the latin word “informare” (to inform) in the sense of “to give form to the mind”, “to discipline”, “instruct”, or finally, “teach”. The main focus is delivery, transmit their own truth, top down . On the other hand, communication is derived from two Latin words ‘communis’ (noun) and ‘communicare’ (verb) which means commonality and to make common respectively. Communication goes beyond simply sharing information. It is focussed on the effort to make the information common, so as facts can be understandable for either the transmitter or its audience.

These two concepts are key when we aim to be true communicators. Rather to be concentrated on tools, self-assessment is essential challenge whether we have been communicative or not. Only then, we can talk about appropriate channels for delivering information.

Backpack journalist

One person doing the reporting and producing news in multiple formats.

Today, for the first time, I have found the perfect term to describe what Ive been doing as a professional communicator. Every time I say that I am journalist, most of my interlocutors think that I have only written articles for newspapers, magazines or internet.

Even though every story has, technically, a text behind itself, as a backpack journalist I have been asked mainly to improve my technical skills in order to expand the way of telling stories. In a convergence era of communication, ordinary people assume that it is possible find the same story in different formats: video, photo, audio and text.

Video (recording and edition), photo, social media and, surely, text are platforms with which I have had to deal with daily so as to be able to choose which one would be better for each specific audience.

I appreciate it. I really like being a backpack journalist. Having the courage to face the challenge of engaging audiences helps me to become a better communicator. Pushing me to think outside the box when I have to reach different audiences.


 Discreet happiness


I was thirsty, until today.

How can I live so many days without You?

Although I know you are everywhere,

I’ve met you in a precisely way.

What a happiness,

when I am in Your silent presence.

Even if I can find you in songs and prayers

I’ve been trying to hear You in the imperceptible breath.

Now, finally, I’m satiated.

Ready to share this intense and discreet happiness.

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