It has been more than six months that I’m struggling to write down my feelings about the election process in my home country. Since 2014, it seems that powerful voices are trying to divide Brazil, promoting dilemma as the only alternative for voters. But none of the mainstream parties, who played the hero and villain game, have imagined that things would go as crazy as they are right now, finishing by creating the Brazilian version of Trump or Maduro.

Regardless of the result today, unfortunately the Brazilian democracy has already lost too much. Maybe the process is legit because people are still voting to decide who will be the Brazilian leader. However, the division, violence and absence of respectful dialogue between citizens show how far we are from a positive methodology to solve our national issues.

I understand the delusion towards the Labour Party. I am one of those who feel betrayed by their good political marketing combined with the absence of structural solutions for the vulnerable people. However, it would be a great mistake to believe that we can change the course of a nation by force, as Jair Bolsonaro proposes. It would reduce politics to a bunch of superficial solutions instead of recognising that societies are complex and in need of a fair compromise between different interests.

Democracy must be an inclusive project that puts everyone at the same table, towards the utopia of the common good. And the power of voting carries the individual responsibility concerning the society each one of us want to live in, even when the alternatives are limited.