Violations of human rights, ultra-conservative parties rising into power, inequality and the extreme individualism that triggers the loss of common references: Many people might agree that this is a pretty realistic view of what is happening in the world right now. I must admit that often when I am reading the news, I feel hopeless about humanity.

When people ask me what I do, I am proud to answer that I use my skills to promote Humanity. It could be enough to just live a decent and honest life, find my happiness, but I always feel that I should do more.

Some weeks ago, I started to reflect and review my convictions. Are my actions coherent with my beliefs? Am I doing things just for habit or because they fit my routine? If Love is the power that drives me, why am I accepting to live a meaningless life to remain comfortable? Answering these questions made me understand that it was time for me to change.

When you understand that altruistic love feeds happiness, it is hard to be satisfied. It seems impossible to believe that achieving socioeconomic self-sufficiency is the end of the game. Life cannot finish with people looking in the mirror.

Embracing humanity seems the only way to overcome the emptiness of individualism. Empathy helps to keep us united. It makes us family, despite personal stories and beliefs. We need to elevate Creation to an unnegotiable status that encourages us to look more at each other and to make impactful decisions, especially in favour of those in vulnerable conditions.